brightens, brightening, brightened
1) VERB If someone brightens or their face brightens, they suddenly look happier.

Seeing him, she seemed to brighten a little...

`Oh, we'd love to!' cried Nancy, her face brightening.

Brighten up means the same as brighten.

V P He brightened up a bit.

2) VERB If your eyes brighten, you suddenly look interested or excited.

His eyes brightened and he laughed...

[V with n] Her tearful eyes brightened with interest.

3) VERB If someone or something brightens a place, they make it more colourful and attractive.

[V n] Tubs planted with wallflowers brightened the area outside the door.

Brighten up means the same as brighten.

Also V n P V P n (not pron) David spotted the pink silk lampshade in a shop and thought it would brighten up the room.

4) V-ERG If someone or something brightens a situation or the situation brightens, it becomes more pleasant, enjoyable, or favourable.

[V n] That does not do much to brighten the prospects of kids in the city...

It is undeniable that the economic picture is brightening.

Brighten up means the same as brighten.

Also V P V P n (not pron) His cheerful face brightens up the dullest of days.

5) V-ERG When a light brightens a place or when a place brightens, it becomes brighter or lighter.

The sky above the ridge of mountains brightened...

[V n] The late afternoon sun brightened the interior of the church.

6) VERB If the weather brightens, it becomes less cloudy or rainy, and the sun starts to shine.

By early afternoon the weather had brightened.

Brighten up means the same as brighten.

it V P Hopefully it will brighten up, or we'll be coming back early.

English dictionary. 2008.

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